About us

Firma Godna Zaufania

                              We are the first ever founded workshop in Rzeszów that specializes in

                                            PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR technique.

Rzeszów branch was opened in 2014 as a continuation of our previous repair shop in Tarnobrzeg and based on experiences we gained for many years in business.

Once we got the know-how, skill and recognized the demand from our Clients we were able to move our workplace from Tarnobrzeg to Rzeszów and develop it to the bigger, more modern and better equiped form that it has nowadays.

In our current workshop we offer even better conditions for customer service, most advanced work safety and fully professional repairs.

Thanks to supremely equipped repair shop we make 90% OF OUR SERVICES ON THE SPOT! While we do our job you can relax in our air conditioned, comfy waiting room furnished with restful, self-regulated seats from Mazda RX8 :) and supplied with Wi Fi Connection, radio, coffee, tea and magazines.

We provide the repair using modern Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) method which means that the dents in your car’s body are being pushed out from within (with the use of specialized devices and skills). Importantly, car paint stays unimpaired. The alternate method is to pull the dents using special glues.

The methods we use are statistically A HALF CHEAPER than regular car painting, faster, eco – friendly and, most importantly, allow car body to return to its original shape.

We are able to repair almost any car dent, also when it comes to the dents which caused a damage to car paint.

                                                            Check out our Facebook page for more information! (Only in polish language)


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Waiting room has:  air conditioning,  coffee & tea, Wi-Fi,  TV, magazines

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Paintless Dent Repair Rzeszów. We are the longest operating workshop in the city with PDR services.

Car’s body dents repair, headlights regeneration, car renovation, bumpers repair, car polish, plastic element’s welding

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