Car’s body polish

After visual inspection of your car we will agree on terms such as method of polishing and a price of a service.

Each time we finish the car polish with shine-effect pastes which contain a combination of various hard waxes. They provide not only eye-pleasuring effect, but also protect car paint from further degradation. If you follow our suggestions, such as:

- not using low-quality brush car wash
- keeping enough distance between car’s body and a pressure wash
- using only quality microfiber materials etc.

…your car’s appearance will be enjoyed for much longer by yourself & others :)

Ever since May 2015 we have been using polishing products and waxes ONLY MADE BY MAJOR GERMAN COMPANIES. We import them directly from Germany, so we can be sure we provide only high-quality services.

Anyone, whose car we have polished, knows what is it all about :)

For a reasonable price of 300-1000 zł we can change any car’s appearance!

Click on PRICES to find out what kind of procedures your car may go through.

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Waiting room has:  air conditioning,  coffee & tea, Wi-Fi,  TV, magazines

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