Insurance covered repairment

You had and accident and would like your insurance to cover the repairment cost?

Here are the 3 steps to do so:

1. Visit us between Monday and Friday, 8am-5pm. Take your car and make sure it’s clean. Together we will decide what needs to be fixed or replaced. We will also agree on final cost of the services. Please remember, that when it comes to car crashes, it’s necessary to remove the broken pieces of car’s body first to estimate the final cost. But don’t worry – we’ve got special procedures for that, too :). After the broken elements are removed, the victim of an accident has the right to second examination with an expert.

2.Call your insurance services and make an appointment with an expert, who can evaluate the damage and suggest a price for the repairment.

3.Once the paperwork is done we can start repairing your car.

Waiting room has:  air conditioning,  coffee & tea, Wi-Fi,  TV, magazines

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